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Call Recorder is also called a self-recorder. A fairly new application, but many people have already downloaded it to their mobile device. There are times when you just need to record a phone conversation and listen to it a little later or share it with a person you’re talking to. This app will be a great help in this situation. But don’t break the law, before you start recording a phone conversation, let your interlocutor know that the phone conversation is being recorded. To find out whether the law in your country allows you to record telephone conversations and whether you need to warn the person you are talking to, you should consult a lawyer or directly to the laws governing this issue.

What’s the app for?

Call Recorder allows you to record phone conversations, both outgoing and incoming calls. With it you can record not only calls made using the mobile operator, but also conversations made using Viber and WhatsApp.

App Features

  • Simple interface;
  • It is possible to record calls made from different mobile applications;
  • The program is tamper-proof;
  • It is possible to put a password not only on the application, but also on certain files;
  • The user can restore files that were deleted a month ago;
  • Convenient search of records;
  • It is possible to sort records by name or weight;
  • You can create lists of “important” records;
  • Contacts can be added to the blacklist;
  • In the settings you can select the function “Automatic deletion on a certain day;
  • Not only outgoing calls can be recorded, but also incoming calls can be recorded;
  • Function “Manual record”;
  • Setting widgets;
  • Change of themes;
  • The program displays the photo and name of the caller;
  • User can choose the folder where the records will be saved;
  • Bluetooth function;
  • It is possible to delete several records simultaneously.

Ads and paid content

The Call Registrar app is free. Advertising is provided by the developers. If you want to improve your application, it is possible to buy improvements.

Download Call Recorder from Google Play

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