BlackPlayer Music Player

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Capabilities and Features

Support for all popular formats – the application plays files with the extension mp3, wav and ogg, as well as the increasingly used Flac. The player works with playlists, can continuously play audio tracks. The application allows you to view and edit the lyrics of songs. It also supports scrubbing and has a sleep timer.

Flexible sound settings are one of the main reasons to download BlackPlayer on android for free. The app integrates a five-band equalizer, a bass amplifier, a set of sound effects, and a 3D-virtualizer. You can also connect an external equalizer.

Convenient work with the music library – the user can edit the tags to the tracks, manually and automatically manage the album art and images of musicians.

Ease of use and design

By default, the application is designed in dark colors, icons and icons are made light. It is possible to change this theme and colors, and customize the fonts to your liking. For quick access to the application it has three widgets. The intuitive interface allows you to make all the changes without much stress, even in spite of the lack of russification of the program.

BlackPlayer download for free on android can be found below, at the link. The application with basic functions is ready to use. There is no trial period and ads in it, but there is a paid enhanced version, which is not expensive. For this money, the user will get four additional design themes, text animation effects, customizable crossfading and visualizer, and much more.

Download BlackPlayer Music Player from Google Play

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