Bamboo Paper

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This app will turn your gadget into a paper notebook. Even externally it looks more like a student’s notebook or a sketchbook. Depending on what the user wants to write or draw with Bamboo Paper he can choose the layout of the paper: checkered, striped or blank. Then it will only be left with a stylus or a finger to make a sketch or a text mark on it. You can download Bamboo Paper on android from the link below.

The user can also choose the tool that best suits him or her. Each of them quite accurately reproduces on the screen of the mobile device the lines that are left on the paper by a marker, pen, pencil, and brush. If something does not go as intended, it is always possible to use an “eraser” and erase a fragment of a drawing or note.

Bamboo Paper is the perfect companion for people who like to draw, do calligraphy or just like to write by hand. Now you can use your smartphone or tablet for this purpose. You can download Bamboo Paper for Android from the link below.

Download Bamboo Paper from Google Play

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