APK Parser


APK Parser is a multifunctional tool with which you can access APK source code from Android device memory, both external and internal.

Also, the user of the program will be able to extract shortcuts, photos, links from the APK and save it to the cloud, for example.
The new account will make it possible to communicate with your colleagues or support team for consultations.

Program Features

The standard text editor is offered for work. At the top is a shortcut panel. In the central part there are tags, combinations and commands. At the very bottom is a list of suggested actions.
As the experience of using such a seemingly perfect layout shows, there are also disadvantages.

For example:

  • The editor is not always guaranteed to save changes made
  • There is no “Test” tab, and therefore there is no way to quickly and accurately analyze the results


The design is standard: menus, buttons, gesture support, white font on a dark background

Design flaws:

  • Excessive advertising
  • Text extending beyond the field

Bottom line:

In conclusion, we can state that APK Parser for Android is close to the ideal in its quality and efficiency of use.

Advertising and paid content

  • Ads are present
  • No information about paid content

Download APK Parser from Google Play

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