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AlReader is an application that allows you to open e-books on Android. It is one of the best and most popular apps for reading books on android. The program combines foxit and djvu.

AlReader features

A person can download a file in any format and run it on their phone to view the information of interest. The user has access to a free advanced book search.

The application contains a database of network libraries, where previously downloaded files are stored. In addition, device as a tablet is also suitable for opening documents in AlReader. In this version there is enough convenience for reading text:

  • There is a parameter that allows you to reduce and enlarge the text;
  • There is a set of different fonts;
  • Highlighting sections of text in bold style;
  • It is possible to expand the distance between the lines;
  • It is possible to change the width of the margins;
  • Allows you to rotate the screen in 4 different positions;

Pros and cons of AlReader

You can flip through the book with your finger in 3D, but there is also built-in automatic page scrolling. In the latter case, the process will be slow or sluggish, and this puts pressure on the psyche of many users. Fortunately, you can switch scrolling modes with one click. The main plus of the program is that there are no annoying ads.

In the “Actions” section, there is a button to embed quotes, analyze in the dictionary, add to “Favorites”. When your eyes are very strained after a long reading, the program has a wonderful feature – “Text to Speech.” In addition, there is a separate panel through which you can change the following parameters:

  • Adjust the volume;
  • Influence the sounding speed of the text;
  • Turn individual functions off or on.

This is the main part of positive and negative reviews for this app. Download pdfreader for android to read books in a convenient way and without ads.

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