Alarmy – Morning Alarm Clock

Alarm clock

The application is free, but there are ads. There is a Premium version without ads and with more functionality.

Basic functionality and features of the free version

  • Availability of a loud ringtone for all those who have a hard time waking up
  • Availability of gentle alarm clock for comfortable waking up
  • Photo mission: wake up and take a picture of some object in the apartment to turn off the alarm. The new photo should be taken from the same angle that you determined in advance, otherwise the alarm will not stop
  • Math Mission: Wake up and solve math problems to start your brain
  • Easy Mission: Wake up and scan a QR or barcode to turn off the alarm
  • Mission Shake: wake up and shake your device to finally wake up

Basic functionality and features of the Premium version (trial)

  • Wake up check: if you are worried that you might fall asleep again after the alarm, there are options in the app to eliminate your worries
  • Backup alarm. If you didn’t wake up from the first alarm, the second alarm will be more powerful
  • Repetitive messages. AI voice prompt feature with exact time and messages every minute until you turn off the alarm
  • Dial mission. Dial meaningful quotes on your keyboard for an energetic wake-up
  • Step Mission. When you wake up, get up and walk 10 to 50 steps for a final wake-up
  • Ability to customize the information you need, such as the weather forecast, news, or whatever
  • No ads

Other features

  • Precise temperature and weather conditions
  • Customize your favorite music and songs
  • Adjust color backgrounds
  • Optional repeat volume-corrected or vibration-corrected alarms for a gentle awakening
  • Simple and quick alarm when you don’t have time to set up
  • Alarm off lock: an option to help you wake up while the alarm goes off
  • Deletion lock: an option to prevent you from deleting the app while the alarm is running


  • Camera. Permissions for the operation of the photographic mission
  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE. To download external ringtones
  • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE. For saving photos in the photographic mission option
  • ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION. To get information about weather conditions.
  • BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN. For the “lock application deletion while alarm is running” function. Uses DEVICE MANAGER permission.
  • SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW. To display the close screen on Android 10 or later

Download Alarmy – Morning Alarm Clock from Google Play

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