A versatile security application. All your locks, access control system, video surveillance, lighting system and the like are combined into one common security system that will ensure your protection against unauthorized entry, fire, flood, theft and so on.

Application Features

  • Remote monitoring and management of your property
  • Timely warnings of a threatening situation, video surveillance
  • Possibility to automate the whole security system

Application Features

In order for the application to function, it is necessary:

  • interactive service plan.
  • Compatible equipment and system (all necessary information at

Smart Functionsм

  • Manage the security system remotely
  • Sending alerts in high activity situations, when entering and exiting the facility or when an employee is in a restricted area
  • Ability to view current and recorded video from all cameras
  • Ability to set up video alerts for specific actions
  • Ability to communicate with visitors through the doorbell camera and control the door from the same screen
  • Ability to use the Scenes command to enable multiple devices with one touch
  • Ability to remotely control access to multiple locations

The app is a trusted security assistant for all routine and emergency situations.

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