Alarm Clock Xtreme: Alarm, Reminders, Timer (Free)

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Alarm Clock Xtreme Free will help you wake up early in the morning and not be late for work or school. The timer, stopwatch and a lot of other useful options you will find in this application for android.

App Features

  • You can set a smooth sound enhancement when the alarm clock goes off
  • You can set a maximum number of postponements and shorten the time between them
  • Quick alarm option to set it quickly
  • Handy timer with no limits – for sports, cooking and so on
  • Handy stopwatch accurate to a hundredth of a second
  • Convenient “Snooze” button
  • Tasks to disconnect and postpone
  • Important information for each day – weather, scheduled events with synchronization to calendar
  • Multiple alarm settings and selection of music as alarm, online radio
  • Automatic turning off the alarm
  • Ability to use tasks of varying difficulty to complicate the alarm
  • Possibility to use password to turn off the alarm
  • Possibility to use QR barcode to turn the alarm off – PRO version only
  • Launch application

Note that the alarm clock only works when the phone is on.

Download Alarm Clock Xtreme from Google Play

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