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‘Alarm clock My melody’ is a useful application for anyone who needs a no-frills alarm clock. Indeed, the app is made in such a way that it confidently and reliably serves its purpose without unnecessary fuss, and at the same time has all the necessary functionality.

App Features

  • Ability to choose melodies from preset or your own
  • Use of different alarms – you can create separate alarms for different events
  • Customizable alarms, volume, sound and vibration.
  • Choose a date and day of the week you want the alarm to sound
  • Correction of snooze alarm (one touch is needed to change snooze time)
  • Volume up button – allows you to delay the alarm
  • Pre-alarm will help you react to the main alarm correctly, without stress
  • Ability to enter separate descriptions for each alarm
  • Extreme” settings – turns off silent modes and goes to high volume modes
  • Widget. Management of alarm clock resources from home screen
  • No ads
  • Phone must be turned on for alarm clock to work

If the alarm clock does not work correctly – then you have not carefully read (or did not read at all) the welcome screen, where the developer made important recommendations. In this case you should reset the settings (or reinstall the program), read the welcome message and follow the recommendations. In this case the alarm clock will work without problems

Advertising and paid content

There are no ads. There is a Deluxe version.

Download Alarm clock. My melody  from Google Play

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