Alarm Clock for Me

Alarm clock

An app that turns your device into a clock with cool themes or an alarm clock with great music. With the app, you can plan your whole day and increase your productivity.

Application Features

  • Alarm clock: you will wake up to your favorite music
  • Sleep Timer: you will fall asleep to the magical sounds of the unique collection
  • Precise temperature: you will be dressed according to the weather conditions.
  • Lots of alarms: you’ll never oversleep, never be late, and never miss anything.
  • Comfortable night mode
  • Background mode: the alarm clock is always on, even when the app is inactive
  • Different options to disable alarm: “mathematical example”, “shaking”
  • Different modes: “vibration – smooth gain – suspend”
  • Stylish widget watch

Other features

  • You can place clock widgets on the Home screen
  • You can adjust the brightness of the screen to suit your surroundings
  • You can use the “optimal sleep time” alert for self-organization
  • You can use the “soft wake-up” option for more comfort
  • You can quickly access settings through shortcuts on the home screen
  • You can use vertical or horizontal modes You can lock the clock location by turning off automatic rotation

Download Alarm Clock for Me from Google Play

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