Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Alarm clock

The app is a smart alarm clock for waking up comfortably and a good start to the day.

Alarm clock with an unlimited number of customizable alarms

  • Alarms every day, every week with customizable repetition settings
  • Single alarms
  • Countdown alarms for various household situations

Customizable signal parameters

  • Gentle awakening
  • Waking up with the weather forecast
  • Waking up with pleasant music
  • Waking up with activities: solving math examples, puzzles, checking symbols, scanning QR or barcodes, and other options

Signals on weekends and holidays

You can connect your calendar to the app. If you forget to turn the alarm off on a holiday or a weekend for any reason, the alarm clock will not go off, giving you a full rest and sleep: the app itself keeps track of such days.

Comfortable waking up

You can use a pre-alarm that sounds a couple of minutes before the main alarm. The alarm sound level can be adjusted according to your life situation. Use the smart alarm options to wake up comfortably and start your day.

Sleep Mode

It’s hard to overestimate the benefits of having a clear daily routine, especially going to bed at the same time. The app will monitor your routine and remind you to go to bed. Getting a full night’s sleep is a guarantee of your well-being and mood. The app will also provide you with statistics on your sleep duration.

Location option

With this option, the app will independently (temporarily) turn off the previously set alarms due to a change in your location.


  • If the battery saving option is enabled on your phone, add the “Alarm clock + timer, stopwatch” app to the white list to avoid incorrect operation
  • The application is free, but with ads (after triggering the alarm clock). There is a Premium version without ads

Download Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers from Google Play

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