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Alarm Clock is an original application with a clever triggering algorithm. The developers have tried to make such an alarm clock that you are sure to wake up and get out of bed. The application works confidently on mobile devices with large and small screens, using the Android operating system.

The Alarm Clock app is distinguished by its minimalist style in its design, simplicity and ease of use. With Alarm Clock you will always be on time and in a good mood to start a new day at work and do not miss important events in your life.

App Features

Alarm Clock can be used as:

  • a signal manager
  • a stylish desktop chronometer

There are four different types of chronometer for your taste:

  • Digital on dark background
  • Digital with light background
  • Analog with dark background
  • Analog with light background

Unlimited setting of music signals:

  • Multiple installation
  • Repeated installation
  • Repeated installation
  • Periodic installation

The alarm clock has 3 different notification options with the option to turn them off:

  • Up-to-date signals online
  • Following signals
  • Missed Signals
  • When setting signals and timers, you can use labels with different text sizes
  • The smart algorithm is used to activate the signals
  • The application has simple settings that allow you to use the full resource of the program efficiently
  • Different time format: 12 to 24 hours
  • Automatic correction of the alarm clock when moving to a different time zone
  • Battery power saving mode with automatic or manual shutdown
  • Modes: landscape and portrait
  • Reliable work on phones and tablets with different screen resolutions
  • Automatically reduces the signal strength if triggered while you are talking on the phone
  • Automatic signal silence on incoming call
  • Clear, large digits for your convenience

Advertising and paid content

The application is free, but there are ads.

Download Alarm Clock from Google Play

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