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Air Quality Index BreezoMeter is an app that allows you to determine the quality of your air. With this app, you will always know what kind of air you are breathing. The air quality information corresponds to the actual air quality in almost 100 countries around the world.

App’s Features

  • Accurate data on the actual air quality in any location
  • Maps showing air pollution in your city, country, and your neighborhood
  • Personalized advice based on real air conditions
  • Hourly, 24-hour air quality monitoring for seven days a week with notifications of all changes

For whom is the state of the air important?

  • Parents of infants and children
  • People with respiratory problems
  • Athletes who train in outdoor areas
  • People who live a healthy lifestyle

The app displays analytical information from over 7,000 observation stations.

App’s permissions

Recording to external storage – to be able to save the areas that are important to you, for which you want clean air, pollution, and forecasts.

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