Accupedo Pedometer – Step Counter

Step Counter

The Accupedo app is a handy and accurate step counter that tracks your daily walk and you can download it to your Android phone from Google Play. The application is a widget on the home screen. Smart 3D movement recognition algorithms are built in to filter and separate your steps from other physical activities. The app will continue to count your steps no matter where your phone is – in your pocket, bag or belt. Stay healthy by downloading the free Accupedo app and set a daily goal by tracking your steps.

Accupedo pedometer features

You can set a power-saving mode in the app. Basically, it works as a widget on your screen. A handy feature would be to have a history of steps taken and calories consumed. By organizing this data into a table on a daily basis, you can track your progress. You can set the data you need, whether it’s distance, time or just steps. The app is ideal for those who want to get rid of calories with a simple walk.

How to use Accupedo pedometer?

In order to download the pedometer you need to go to Google Play and perform a few simple steps:

  • Install the Accupedo app on your smartphone.
  • Once installed, tap and hold your thumb on the screen until the corresponding widget menu appears.
  • Select the Accupedo-Pro widget.
  • Move it to any convenient location on the screen.

Advantages and disadvantages of Accupedo

The program will work best if the phone is on a waist belt. However, if the gadget will be in a bag with the ability to move randomly, the step counting, in this case, may not be accurate. This app only works on phones with an accelerometer, and you will also be able to set the sensitivity that best suits your smartphone.

Download Accupedo Pedometer – Step Counter from Google Play

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