24me: Calendar, To Do List, Notes & Reminders

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The android app 24me is a combination of several different services. It allows you to make a to-do list for the day, set a reminder of an important event. In addition, the application can be linked to your social network account. Then you simply won’t be able to forget about your friend’s birthday. Moreover, 24me is able to remind the user of the need to make a regular payment. If you set the appropriate settings, the application will make them automatically.

The app has a simple interface and easy-to-understand settings. The to-do list is displayed on one screen and can be easily edited with gestures. Deleting an item from the to-do list is done with a simple swipe. To add a new task, you need to write a short note with the date of completion and the exact time.

The handy 24me app will appeal to everyone who is used to planning their day and controlling their productivity.

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